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Autumn Programme Published

PDF copies of our printed autumn programmes, both Day and Evening Courses, are now available by clicking on the links in the right hand column of this page.

Detailed course listings accessible via the COURSES link above will be populated over the next few days.

posted Mon, 15 Jul 19

Autumn Programme

The Autumn Programme with all our Leisure Learning courses as well as our talks, trips and workshops, will be published week beginning 15th July.

Please contact us if you would like to be sent a copy.

posted Thu, 04 Jul 19

New Angle Prize Awards

The 2019 Awards Dinner was held on Wednesday 3rd July at Hintlesham Golf Club and the Winner, Runner-up and Readers' Choice awards were presented.

For details of the awards made follow the New Angle link above.

posted Thu, 04 Jul 19


Below are a selection of up-coming events, click here to see more

For the Rest of Your Natural Life

Pip Wright
Birkbeck Room

Thu, 15 Aug 1914.00 - 15.00

Tickets £4.
Members may bring non-member guests to this event.

Pip Wright tells stories of Suffolk Convicts, sentenced to transportation to Australia during the period 1787-1867. Find out not only what happened to them, but also to the families that were left behind.

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Suffolk Book League Author's Talk

Rebecca Stott
Reading Room

Mon, 16 Sep 1919.30

Rebecca Stott is a novelist and historian. She is a Professor of English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia. Her eleven books include three non-fiction history of science books.

Rebecca Stott's 2017 memoir, In the Days of Rain, tells of her experience growing up in a separatist fundamentalist Christian cult.

Public Event

Constructing the Sutton Hoo Ship replica

Paul Constantine
Chapters Restaurant

Wed, 25 Sep 1919.00 - 20.30

£4. Members may bring non-member guests to this event.

What are the processes for constructing a 90ft ship?
This talk explains the background and shows the practical steps, from hewing trees to the launching of a Scandinavian ship

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Courses for All

Our Evening Learning Programme of courses is open to the public, with discounted fees available to Institute members.

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Members' Courses

Over fifty daytime courses are available to those who pay an annual Institute membership subscription.

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The Members Programme, including courses and all other activities available to members, may be downloaded here.

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