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New Angle Prize 2015

A record number of books have been entered for our fourth biennial prize for East Anglian literature.

Details of the competition, which has a £2,000 first prize, and a list of all the entries, can be found on the New Angle website (above right).

posted 13 Jan 15

Evening Classes

Our evening programme of courses begins week-beginning 19th January.

There are still places on Poetry Writing (published poet Fred Sedgwick is the tutor) and Aspects of Art (Mike Baldry teaches the history of European Art).

The second term of Bridge for Beginners is also available for those who don't need to start right at the beginning.

posted 13 Jan 15

Still places on some Spring Term courses

There are still places available on many of our Spring Term courses. Contact us if you spot one you might be interested in even if the course has started.

posted 13 Jan 15


Below are a selection of up coming events, click here to see more

A Brief History of Timekeeping

Jonathan Betts
Chapters Restaurant

11 Feb 15 19.00 - 20.30

Members may bring non-member guests to this event.

Jonathan Betts is Senior Curator of Horology at the Royal Observatory and Master of the Clockmakers Company for 2014. His talk will look at the general history of timekeeping and in particular the work of John Harrison, the great pioneer of the marine chronometer.
Discover the Greenwich Observatory links to Ipswich through the 19th century Astronomer Royal, George Airy.

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Focus on Catalonia

Catherine Dell
Birkbeck Room, 15 Tavern Street

28 Feb 15 9.30 - 3.30

One day Saturday workshop
Morning coffee and lunch included
Cost £17.00

During the autumn of 2014, separatist ambitions made headline news in Scotland - and in the north-east corner of the Iberian Peninsula: in Catalonia.

One of Spain’s richest regions both culturally and economically, Catalonia has long considered the issue of independence. Indeed, in the 1830s, the English traveller Richard Ford observed “No province of the unamalgamating bundle which forms the conventional monarchy of Spain hangs more loosely to the crown than Catalonia, this classical country of revolt, which is ever ready to fly off”.

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"Help! I've got to speak..." a practical guide to speaking in public

Catherine Dell
Birkbeck Room, 15 Tavern Street

21 Mar 15 9.30 - 3.30

Saturday One-day workshop including morning coffee and lunch
Cost: Members £17.00
Non-members £20.00

How confident are you about addressing an audience whether it’s a three-minute vote of thanks or a thirty-minute talk? Are you anxious about being heard? Holding people’s attention? Making sense?

Taking a very practical approach, this one-day course targets the essentials of speaking in public, such as basic voice production, delivery techniques, body language, engaging with your audience and controlling nerves. By the end of the afternoon, whatever your starting point,you will be more confident about talking to an audience and getting your message across effectively.

Catherine Dell is a speaking skills teacher who runs workshops/courses locally and in London on various aspects of oral communication.

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Courses for All

Our Evening Learning Programme of courses is open to the public, with discounted fees available to Institute members.

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Members' Courses

Over fifty daytime courses are available to those who pay an annual Institute membership subscription.

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