Coloured Pencil Workshop - Creating a Flower/Shrub study

Monday 1.30 - 3.30

On this course you will be shown how to create a balanced composition of at least three different subjects. You will learn how to get the right choice of colours, shapes and textures into a piece of botanical illustration by RHS gold medallist Janie. Bring your own choice of specimens to draw, or choose from a selection that Janie will bring to the first class. Your piece of work will be built up with care and thought over the course of the term. Please bring: HB pencil, a plastic and putty eraser, coloured pencils if you have them, cartridge or layout paper for rough drawing, tracing paper, good quality HP paper. Erasers, tracing paper, HP paper and coloured pencils can be purchased from the tutor if required.

Terms & Conditions

  • Course Tutor: Janie Pirie
  • Course Duration: 12
  • Course dates: 24 Sep – 17 Dec
  • Half Term: 22 Oct
  • Price: £58