Coloured Pencil Workshop - Drawing Birds

Monday 1.30 - 3.30

This is the chance for you to bring a photograph of your favourite bird and learn how to draw and colour it using coloured pencils before being shown how to create a soft background using pastels. Make sure that your photograph is large and clear enough for you to copy, and Janie will take you through the process of drawing your image accurately before using coloured pencils to bring it to life on your paper.
Good quality art paper, tracing paper and rough paper and coloured and good quality drawing pencils can be purchased from the tutor as required.

  • Course Tutor: Janie Pirie
  • Course Duration: 12 or 24
  • Course dates: 11 Sep – 11 Dec
  • Half Term: 02 Oct
  • Price: £56/£100
  • Additional Information
    No class 13 Nov

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