Café Français - Chez L'Amiral

Wednesday 10.15 - 12.15

Hosted by a native French teacher, this is a monthly meeting in the Admiral’s House to discuss topical issues in French. You will have an opportunity to propose your own subjects as well as exchange points of view on all kinds of questions. Past topics have included: French presidential elections, the EU political system, the persons that have influenced your opinions, your favourite childhood games, Marcel Proust questionnaire, your life story.
Please note: this series is designed for advanced French speakers. The Culture Française series may be used as an introduction. 9 monthly sessions, October - June

  • Course Tutor: Dominique Nightingale
  • Course Duration: 9 monthly sessions
  • Course dates: 18 Oct – 20 Jun
  • Half Term: n/a
  • Price: £42
  • Additional Information
    18/10, 15/11, 13/12, 17/1, 21/2, 21/3, 18/4, 16/5, 20/6

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