Philosophy - Freedom Regained

Thursday 2.00 - 4.00

This is a ten week course for the discussion of Julian Baggini’s lively, accessible deep and altogether excellent book Freedom Regained: The Possibility of Free Will (Granta, 2016; 256pp.). Here are excerpts from some reviews:
Freedom Regained is both balanced and convincing, and has many other virtues besides. While firmly rooted in the philosophical tradition, Baggini also gets out and talks to people for whom freedom – and lack of it – is a real and pressing matter. The result is a wide-ranging, wise and stimulating survey.
Stephen Cave, Literary Review, June 2015
Rarely has the idea of freedom been so popular in practice and so disdained in theory. Almost everyone assumes that they are free, except for a small band of neuroscientists and geneticists for whom neural firings or inherited genes lie at the root of everything we do, including our sentimental attachment to the myth of free will.
Terry Eagleton, Guardian, 01/04/2015.
The tutor will open each session with a brief overview of the week’s reading, which for the first week is the books’ Introduction.

  • Course Tutor: Dr Nick Joll
  • Course Duration: 10
  • Course dates: 11 Jan – 22 Mar
  • Half Term: 15 Feb
  • Price: £47.00

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