Philosophy - John Stuart Mill - On Liberty

Monday 2.00 - 4.00

This is a five week course for the discussion John Stuart Mill’s On Liberty, a seminal extended essay of 1859 that remains relevant today. Topics at issue include: freedom of speech; conformism and social pressure; and the proper role of the state. The language is slightly archaic and somewhat verbose (though in neither of those does Mill rival, say, William James) but the content is excellent. For our purposes, the best edition is: John Stuart Mill, On Liberty and the Subjection of Women, edited by Alan Ryan; Penguin Classics, 2006; ISBN-13: 978-0141441474. Please note that the second five week autumn course on The Subjection of Women will use the same text book. Sessions may involve group work and/or a short presentation by the tutor. The reading for the first week is On Liberty, chapter 1.

Terms & Conditions

  • Course Tutor: Dr Nick Joll
  • Course Duration: 5
  • Course dates: 17 Sep – 15 Oct
  • Half Term: n/a
  • Price: £24