Louis MacNeice's Autumn Journal (1939)

Thursday 1.30 - 3.30

Written between August and December 1938, MacNeice’s poem Autumn Journal is his personal response to the gathering crisis of the time. In his brief preface to the poem, MacNeice tells us that it is poised ‘something half-way between the lyric and the didactic’. Over 24 sections, each running to 2 to 2 and a half pages, MacNeice reflects upon the interrelationship between contemporary public events and those taking place within his private life, in the process perhaps blurring distinctions between the two. Whilst reading the poem week-by-week, we will also take in the works of other writers, thinkers and artists, seeking to understand how the Journal fits into a crucial political and cultural moment.
Edition to buy: Autumn Journal (2013 edition) ISBN: 0571-234380

Terms & Conditions

  • Course Tutor: Dr Stephen Palmer
  • Course Duration: 10
  • Course dates: 25 Apr – 04 Jul
  • Half Term: 30 May
  • Price: £49.50