Women, Their Lives in Diaries, Journals and Letters

Tuesday 2.00 - 4.00

This 6 week course will attempt to give an introduction to a few of the fascinating insights to the lives of some women who lived between the fifteenth and twentieth centuries, offered by a study of their personal writing. Some of their letters, diaries and journals were of a private nature and never intended for publication, though we will look too at some writing that was obviously aimed at a wider readership.
Because of the nature of the writing we will be studying we will not focus primarily on trying to assess its literary merit, though some of it is high quality; rather we will hope to participate imaginatively in the experiences of a number of interesting women.

Terms & Conditions

  • Course Tutor: Diana Grace
  • Course Duration: 6
  • Course dates: 29 Jan – 19 Feb
  • Half Term: n/a
  • Price: £29
  • Location:

    Birkbeck Room