Some 20th Century Suffolk Painters

Mark Beesley
Birkbeck Room

20 Apr 17 1.30 - 2.30

£3.50. Members may bring non-member guests to this talk

This talk introduces eight painters from the twentieth century who lived and worked for all or part of their careers in Suffolk: Rose Mead, John Arnesby Brown, Anna Airy, John Nash, Cor Visser, Peggy Somerville, Prunella Clough and Colin Moss. Some responded to Suffolk’s landscape, others painted its people and way of life in ways that reflect the wider artistic trends of their time.

Theatre Appreciation 1

Penny Blakemore
Orwell Room

26 Apr 17 1.15 - 4.15


Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf.
Described as a ‘dark comedy’ the play is a statement about marriage, moral confusion and cruelty in contemporary America.

One of three workshops which can be enjoyed as a linked series, or on a stand-alone basis

Samuel Pepys and the Making of the Royal Navy

Mark Mitchel
Chapters Restaurant

26 Apr 17 19.00 - 20.00

£5.50. Members may bring non-member guests to this event.

Pepys was hugely influential in the establishment of the British Royal Navy. Through hard work, an enquiring mind and concern for detail he was able to improve the working conditions for the sailors and created exams for would-be lieutenants.

Theatre Appreciation - 2

Penny Blakemore
Orwell Room

10 May 17 1.15 - 4.15


On the Waterfront.
Billed loosely as a crime drama, the movie shares many themes with Miller’s ‘A View from the Bridge’.
‘Waterfront’ provided the perfect vehicle for Marlon Brando and Rod Steiger to showcase their respective acting talents based on the famous ‘method’ system.

One of three workshops which can be enjoyed as a linked series, or on a stand-alone basis

Arthur Ransome and the Nancy Blackett

Micahel Rines
Chapters Restaurant

10 May 17 19.00 - 20.00

£3.50. Members may bring non-member guests to this event

Michael Rines discovered and restored at a cost of £40,000 the wreck of the Nancy Blackett. This involvement led to a day-long event involving 3 of the ‘original’ Swallows and the forming of the Arthur Ransome Society.

The First Railway to Ipswich & Beyond

Mervyn Russen
Chapters Restaurant

11 May 17 3.00 - 4.00

£3.50. Members may bring non-member guests to this talk.

This is the story of the building of the railway to Ipswich and as far as Bury St. Edmunds in the 1840s; how the unique tunnel was constructed through Stoke Hill; details of some stations and architecture and how Ipswich has remembered the heroes who built the line.


Life Drawing Day

Paul Vousden

Birkbeck Room, 15 Tavern Street

29 Apr 17 9.30 - 4.00

Cost £30.00 member £35.00 non-members
Includes morning coffee and lunch

Open to any level of experience, this practical study day with a professional life model will include some demonstration and discussion of techniques, principles and approach using appropriate examples from art history.
“…things that can be gained from the practice are personal visual language, composition and spacial awareness. As humans it is only natural that depicting our form should play an important role as subject matter.” (St Ives Drawing School)
Please bring your preferred art materials, paper and drawing board. Some materials and papers will be available for purchase from the tutor on the day.

Beginner's Guide to Solving Cryptic Crosswords

Tim King (Encota)

Birkbeck Room, 15 Tavern St.

11 May 17 10.15 - 12.15

Cost: Member £6.50
Non-member £7.50

Crosswords and especially cryptic crosswords are a brilliant means of keeping our brains active, for improving problem solving skills and for expanding our vocabulary.
This workshop is designed for those who have had little or no experience of cryptic crosswords and are keen to learn – it’s definitely never too late!
Tim, an expert crossword solver and setter, will guide us into the mystery (and history) of the cryptic crossword with time split between presentation and practising solving.

New Angle Prize Shortlist Showcase

Reading Room

28 Jun 17 19.00-21.00

Tickets £8 (includes refreshments)

The six shortlisted authors for the biennial New Angle Prize for East Anglian literature are invited to read from and talk about their work, and the influence of the region.

The shortlisted authors for the 2017 prize (£2,000 for the winner, £500 for the runner-up) are Julia Blackburn, Jill Dawson, Fiona Metcalf, Julie Myerson, Sarah Perry, and Rosy Thornton.

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