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For Members

Secret Faces of the Sparrowe Family

John Sutton
Chapters Restaurant

Wed, 05 Jun 19
19.00 - 20.30

Tickets £4.
Members may bring non-member guests to this event.

The magnificent pargeting of Ipswich’s Ancient House is not its only claim to fame, by the Victorian period it was celebrated for its splendid picture gallery. The contents rivalled those to be found in many of England’s great country houses. Stuart kings and national celebrities were included as well as the portraits of various members of the Sparrowe family, some of which will be seen for the first time.

Behind Closed Doors

with David Stainer
Town Centre Walk

Tue, 18 Jun 19

Members may bring non-member guests to this event

A guided walk with our very own Mr Stainer. Meet at the Tourist Information Centre, back to Admirals House for Cream Tea. Many of Ipswich’s buildings have seen numerous changes of use and ownership over time.
On this walk we discover the history and characters that have been part of some of these buildings - many of which we might frequently walk past with little idea of what has gone on behind their doors.

Mildred Bruce - British Aviator and Racing Enthusiast

Paul Smiddy
Chapters Restaurant

Wed, 26 Jun 19
19.00 - 20.30

Tickets £5.
Members may bring non-member guests to this event.

A woman 50 years ahead of her time. Having bought her first plane from a shop in Regent Street she was soon running a company which was the first to use air stewardesses.
She held numerous records for solo long-distance motoring and motor-boarding. She lived life to the full. Who was she?

A Brief History of Money: from Barter to Bitcoins

Gerald Jenkins
Birkbeck Room

Tue, 09 Jul 19
14.00 - 15.00

Tickets £4
Members may bring non-member guests to this event

With the possible exception of the wheel, the invention of money could be the most significant achievement of humankind. The aim of this talk is to show just how important and mysterious money truly is.

For the Rest of Your Natural Life

Pip Wright
Birkbeck Room

Thu, 15 Aug 19
14.00 - 15.00

Tickets £4.
Members may bring non-member guests to this event.

Pip Wright tells stories of Suffolk Convicts, sentenced to transportation to Australia during the period 1787-1867. Find out not only what happened to them, but also to the families that were left behind.

For All

Cafe Concert - Encore

Admiral's House

Sat, 15 Jun 19
11am - 3pm

Tickets £16, to include buffet.
Open to non-members.

Another opportunity to share your love of all things French with other students of language and culture at the Ipswich Institute.

All are invited to share their favourite short pieces of poetry, prose, jokes, drama, song – all in French, of course.

Please let us know if you would like to bring a piece, either for yourself, or someone else, to read. But it is not obligatory to present a piece in order to come.

The Ever Turning Wheel of Fortune - Carl Orff and Carmina Burana

Emeritus Professor Chris Green OBE

Birkbeck Room, 15 Tavern Street

Sat, 22 Jun 19
10.00am - 12.30pm

Ticket(including refreshments): Institute/Trianon members £5.00
non-member £6.00

Who would have imagined that some dusty manuscripts stored in a European monastery would provide inspiration for Munich-born composer Carl Orff. It was to prove a decisive turning point in his career when, in 1937, Carmina Burana was first performed. The manuscripts included poems about fortune, spring, meadows, the tavern and courtly affair.
If fate and the ever-turning wheel of fortune are themes running through Carmina, then that just about sums up Orff’s career and personal life. He tried to win patronage from the Nazi SS, withheld his support for musical colleagues during the Second World War, and would be arrested by the Allies as a Nazi collaborator.
This talk will focus on his life, on Carmina and the impact the work has had on choral music – it is reckoned to be one of the world’s “loudest” pieces.

Kind of Blue: a 60 year Retrospective

Dr Graham Platt

Birkbeck Room

Sat, 22 Jun 19
14.00 - 15.30

Tickets £5.50 (£5.00 for Institute members)

Part of Ipswich Jazz Festival.

Miles Davis's album Kind of Blue was recorded exactly sixty years ago, in Spring 1959, and is considered by some to be the greatest jazz album of all time, marking the decisive break between bebop and modal jazz.

This presentation celebrates Davis's achievement, some of the developments that led to it and some aspects of its legacy.

New Angle Prize Awards Dinner

Hintlesham Golf Club

Wed, 03 Jul 19

Tickets £30 from the Library Desk

The culmination of the 2019 New Angle Prize competition will be the announcement of the £2,000 winner and £500 runner-up at the Awards Dinner.

Enjoy a three course meal in the presence of the shortlisted authors and listen to the judges' summing up.

The result of a Readers' Choice competition, run by Suffolk Libraries will also be announced.