The Mysteries of Easter Island - a Polynesian buffet

Chris Parfitt
Chapters Restaurant

15 Nov 17 19.00 - 21.00

Tickets £12.50. Members may bring non-member guests to this event

Life today in one of the furthest outposts of Polynesia (now a province of Chile). Chris will give us an outline of the history of a culture which developed almost in isolation and the role of the famous statues.

Our catering team will serve up another appropriately themed culinary treat.

Christmas Miscellany

Mark Mitchels
Birbeck Room

05 Dec 17 14.00 - 15.30

Tickets £9 (includes seasonal refreshment). Members may bring non-member guests to this event.

Mark has again agreed to start the season with his favourite readings - and some new ones. Christmas is a good time of the year for anthologies, and Mark’s selections will be read with the gusto they deserve.
There will be laughter, there could be tears!


Spain 1937-39: a fight to the finish

Catherine Dell

Birkbeck Room, Tavern Street

25 Nov 17 9.30 - 3.30

Cost: Members £17.00
Non-members £19.00

Following on from 1936: Spain in Crisis, this study day continues the story of the Spanish Civil War from 1937 onwards.
Through the witness of combatants, medical teams, war correspondents, and civilians, our focus covers key events such as the bombing of Guernica (and Picasso’s response), the battle of Teruel – fought in sub-zero temperatures, the audacious, but doomed, offensive across the river Ebro, the fall of Catalonia…and the plight of 500,000 refugees.
For the Republicans, the war’s end in April 1939 brought disillusion and defeat.
For the country as a whole, division and dictatorship.
Note: It is not necessary to have attended 1936:Spain in Crisis

Experimental Mixed Media

Steve Joyce

Birkbeck Room

02 Dec 17 9.30 - 3.30

£27 (Institute members), £32 (non-members) Includes coffee and sandwich lunch.

This workshop will explore the use of a wide range of media in different combinations, working on diverse surfaces to create images with very different characteristics.

Learn how to refine and enhance your skills, and how to exploit the potential and limitations of all kinds of materials. You will be using a wide variety of techniques for drawing and painting and expand your understanding of the materials as you modify, combine and refine methods. Demonstrations and prepared examples will introduce the methods and media and open tasks will help you explore your own picture making using conventional and unexpected materials to create distinctive pictures.

Suitable for all ability levels. A materials list is available and some specialist materials will be provided and included in the cost, with a small stock for further purchase if you wish.

Suffolk Book League Author's Talk

Robert Lloyd Parry

Reading Room

06 Dec 17 7.30pm

Tickets from SBL: £8 (SBL members £4)


Robert Lloyd Parry is a freelance writer and actor who spends his time performing M.R. James’ ghost stories across the country. This will be a particularly festive candlelit event to end our 35th anniversary year on.

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