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For Members

For the Rest of Your Natural Life

Pip Wright
Birkbeck Room

Thu, 15 Aug 19
14.00 - 15.00

Tickets £4.
Members may bring non-member guests to this event.

Pip Wright tells stories of Suffolk Convicts, sentenced to transportation to Australia during the period 1787-1867. Find out not only what happened to them, but also to the families that were left behind.

From Siege to Sheeran

Anthony Wooding
Birkbeck Room

Thu, 12 Sep 19
14.00 - 15.00

Tickets £4. Members may bring non-member guests to this event.

Framlingham Castle is an iconic historical site. Anthony Wooding gives an illustrated presentation of its history, viewed through four major and successive themes; feudalism, nationalism, state religion and social welfare.

Constructing the Sutton Hoo Ship replica

Paul Constantine
Chapters Restaurant

Wed, 25 Sep 19
19.00 - 20.30

£4. Members may bring non-member guests to this event.

What are the processes for constructing a 90ft ship?
This talk explains the background and shows the practical steps, from hewing trees to the launching of a Scandinavian ship

The River Deben

Mark Mitchels
Chapters Restaurant

Wed, 02 Oct 19
19.00 - 20.30

£5. Members may bring non-member guests to this event.

You may have thought Mark had retired - but he can’t resist returning to such a delightful audience!
Another illustrated talk from Mark, about one of the most beautiful rivers running through our county

Rediscovering Cedric Morris, Artist & Plantsman

Diana Grace
Birkbeck Room

Thu, 24 Oct 19
14.00 - 15.00

£4. Members may bring non-member guests to this event

Cedric Morris was in his time a highly acclaimed, commercially successful artist and our illustrated talk offers a glimpse into the world of this under-rated artist.

Silbury Hill - Unplugged, with Afternoon Tea

Chapters Restaurant

Tue, 05 Nov 19
15.00 - 16.00

£8. Members may bring non-member guests to this event

David Stainer and Scott Dolling play a lively mix of acoustic music at events and clubs throughout the region as well as an occasional foray into France and Belgium! They bring a selection of tunes and tales to the Institute, to be taken with afternoon tea.
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For All

Suffolk Book League Author's Talk

Rebecca Stott

Reading Room

Mon, 16 Sep 19

Rebecca Stott is a novelist and historian. She is a Professor of English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia. Her eleven books include three non-fiction history of science books.

Rebecca Stott's 2017 memoir, In the Days of Rain, tells of her experience growing up in a separatist fundamentalist Christian cult.

Tales from the early days of British computing

Professor Simon Lavington

Reading Room

Wed, 09 Oct 19
19.00 - 20.30

£4 (£5 for non-members)

Ferranti Ltd. delivered the world’s first production computer in 1951 and for some time was effectively the only supplier of computers to countries outside the USA. In this talk we set Ferranti in the context of British and American projects, exploring the company’s relationship to other computer manufacturers. Women mathematicians featured strongly as early programmers and the careers of six of these pioneers are described. Of the nine Ferranti installations, most were applied to Cold War defence problems.  The case-history of GCHQ’s first computer is taken as an example.

Emeritus Professor Simon Lavington, M.Sc., Ph.D., FIEE, FBCS graduated from Manchester University in 1962 and joined the University’s computer design group. He became Professor of Computer Science at the University of Essex in 1986.

Suffolk Book League Author's Talk

Mark Cocker

Reading Room

Thu, 10 Oct 19

Mark Cocker is a British author, naturalist, journalist and lecturer. His eight books have dealt with modern responses to the wild, whether found in landscape, human societies or in other species.
His latest book, Our Place, is about humans’ effect on wildlife.

Suffolk Book League Author's Talk

Fiona Sampson

Reading Room

Thu, 14 Nov 19

Fiona Sampson is an internationally acclaimed scholar, editor, poet, biographer and translator as well as a musician. Common Prayer and Rough Music were shortlisted for the T.S.Eliot Prize. In Search of Mary Shelley, The Girl Who Wrote Frankenstein was released 200 years after the publication of Frankenstein in 2018.

Suffolk Book League Author's Talk

Sir Nicholas Young

Reading Room

Wed, 11 Dec 19

Sir Nicholas Young was, until 2014, CEO of the British Red Cross. Escaping with his Life tells the story of his father’s WW2 experiences at Dunkirk, in the Commandos, and in North Africa, and then his escape from an Italian POW camp. His book is a labour of love, an adventure story and a sign of gratitude to the Italian people who risked their lives to help during the escape.