2017 Judges Shortlist:

Threads, The Delicate Life of John Craske

by Julia Blackburn

This is a book beautifully written, beautifully illustrated and beautifully produced about the recently rediscovered genius of a Norfolk fisherman. (Jonathan Cape 2015)

The Crime Writer

by Jill Dawson

A destabilising book, you’re never quite sure what’s real, imagined, or simply the result of madness. One of those stories you can’t stop thinking about for weeks afterwards. (Hodder & Stoughton 2016)


by Fiona Melrose

Very assured debut novel that explores the emotions of men of the land, which we don’t often see. As life becomes testing and hopeless, family bonds threaten to snap.

(Little Brown 2016)

The Stopped Heart

by Julie Myerson

an examination of deep loss that is a fine example of the author’s power to produce dark and scary material.

(Jonathan Cape 2016)

The Essex Serpent

by Sarah Perry

A novel that has the power to surprise, genuinely - set in the beauty and oppressive nature of the muddy Essex shores. (Profile Books 2016)


by Rosy Thornton

short stories that capture perfectly that the past and present are separated only by a thin screen.

(Sandstone Press 2016)

Judges: Midge Gilles, Steve Russell, Kate Worsley