Aspects of Twentieth Century Art

From the late 19th century Pre – Raphaelites to the present day. The aim will be to observe how art during this ’modern era’ led to a break from the past and a continuity with it. Artists such as Lowry, Edvard Munch , John Nash and Robert Henri (of the American Ash Can School) will illustrate this change and acceptance of past art history. Slides and texts will be used for both class discussions and comment by tutor and learners. No prior knowledge will be needed just an interest in art and its history.

Tutor: Mike Baldry                 Duration: 10 weeks (excl. 26 Oct)

Starts: Wednesday, 21 Sept 2022, 19.00 – 21.00     Ends: 30 Nov 2022

Cost: £95 (full rate), £65 (Institute members), £75 (concessions*)

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