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Monday, 10.30-12.30 (Janie Pirie)

18 September – 11 December 2023

Half Term: 23 October

If you’ve ever thought about, or had the desire to create drawings and pictures of your own, then come and learn from an RHS gold medal winner. Janie Pirie is an expert in the use of coloured and graphite pencils and will show you how to use them to obtain amazing results. You can add embellishments of real gold too, if you wish, to create an illuminated letter. If your thoughts are for something simpler, then using graphite only to draw a monotone piece of work can be just as satisfying. Whatever your choice, you will learn techniques that will open up a whole new world of art and creativity.


Monday, 13.30 – 15.30 (Janie Pirie)

18 September – 11 December

Half term: 23 October

Watercolour is terrifying – or is it?  Come and learn the basics of watercolour techniques used to create botanical illustration.  The course will take you through laying down simple glazes, merging colours, getting good gradations, adding fine details and so much more.   Your tutor is an RHS gold medallist and a Fellow of the Society of Botanical Artists. Subject matter for each day will be provided unless you have something you want to bring along.  All subjects should be simple (fruit, vegetables, leaves or uncomplicated flowers).

What to bring:

Hot pressed paper (300g), Watercolours, Brushes, Paper towels, HB pencil (propelling ones are best), eraser.


Alternate Mondays, 13.30-15.30 (Mary Crehan)

18 Sept, 2 Oct, 16 Oct, 30 Oct, 13 Nov, 27 Nov 2023

Half term: N/A

A popular activity of the moment, that of recycling paper and discovering its amazing variety and the creative possibilities it offers. In the course we will move from papermaking to reminding ourselves of the long chain we are joining and the effort of making communication with others from early stone carving to Egypt’s use of papyrus and the Mayan peoples use of tree bark in the 1st century. Now comes your chance to make something decorative or just useful. Equipment is provided.


Tuesday, 10.00-12.00 (Steve Joyce)

19 September – 28 November 2023

Half Term: 24 October

We will explore a wide range of watercolour techniques, including different ways of applying, agitating and manipulating the media for different subjects and composition ideas.
There will be some set tasks for you to try out with extension suggestions for those more advanced. You may bring your own images or objects to work from. Suitable for all levels.


Tuesday, 14.00-16.00 (Steve Joyce)  

19 September – 28 November 2023

Half Term: 24 October                         

We will explore a range of different techniques and also bridge the gap between drawing and painting. Different subjects will be explored using of different media which are outlined in the available materials list. Set tasks will lead to development in your preferred media so you may investigate subjects and ideas of your interest. Suitable for all levels.


Tuesday, 14.00-16.00 (Margaret Holder)

12 September – 5 December 2023

Half Term: 24 October

This course will explore a range of textiles techniques, including felt making, appliqué, dyeing and printmaking. You will be guided through a series of practical sessions and will have the opportunity to develop your own ideas and projects.
There will be some stitching involved, but the emphasis is on experimenting with a range of textile materials. Suitable for beginners and those wanting to explore textiles further.
There will be small charge for materials and you will be advised at the first session of the basic equipment needed.


Wednesday, 9.30-11.30 (Amy Drayson)

20 September – 29 November 2023

Half Term: 25 October

A creative and friendly class for those who would like to explore painting in acrylic. We will look at different aspects of painting and seek inspiration from various artists. The course aims to help beginners and improvers enjoy painting and gain confidence with acrylics. A suggested list of materials will be available before the start of the course.


Wednesday, 12.30-14.30 (Amy Drayson)

20 September – 29 November 2023

Half Term: 25 October

A class for beginners and improvers who like to experiment with a range of ideas and techniques. We will look at different artists’ work and use their ideas as a springboard for our own. In the past students on this course have drawn, painted, printed, made assemblages, collages and more! I like to think of it as adventures in art. All welcome.


Friday, 10.00-12.00 (Tom Owens)

6 October – 15 December 2023

Half term: 3 November

Want to learn more about making photographs with your digital camera?
This course will take you through the basics of how your camera works and how you can make it work for you. The tutor holds a degree in photography and is Chair of the Contemporary Group of the Royal Photographic Society.


Friday, 13.30-15.30 (Blue King)

22 September – 1 December 2023

Half Term: 27 October

Working with a male model we will have the opportunity to explore dynamic gestural poses with observational drawing. Using a variety of mediums we will make figurative drawings observing light and tone in a studio atmosphere. Suitable for beginners and practicing artists who want to work from the model. Please bring sketch book, charcoal, eraser and a drawing board.

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