Yoga for All £55

Sarah Moss

Tuesday, 10AM-11:15AM and 11:30AM-12:45PM

14th September – 7th December

I look forward to welcoming you to ‘Gently into Yoga’ for a total wellbeing of the mind, body and breath. I am a yoga teacher, trained for 4 years with The British Wheel of Yoga, with over 10 years experience. Yoga is for everyone, so I make sure I offer many different levels into poses throughout the class. The class will include a working with the breath, strengthening and flexibility for the body, mindfulness and a relaxation, all so important.

Alexander Technique £60

Rosalind Field

Wednesday, 10:30AM-12:00PM and 1PM-2:30PM

15th September – 8th December

The Alexander Technique is a self-help skill which can be applied with benefit to all the activities of daily life. People learn the technique for a variety of reasons. Some want to be able to move and breathe with greater ease. Others want to relieve pain or chronic stiffness, tension and stress. The technique is also used to enhance performance in areas such as acting, singing, music and sports. Whatever the reason, the fundamentals of the technique are the same: learning a conscious awareness of your whole self, mind and body, as one complete unit.

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